Say no to fast fashion!

At The Kindness Closet we firmly believe that fast fashion is NOT about accessibility. If it were, garment workers would be treated fairly and paid a living wage. Fast fashion companies exploit young people on social media to do their marketing for them, often in return for little to no financial gain while the company itself rakes in millions.

Why is fast fashion bad?

1. Environmental Impact: The production of textiles and clothing requires large amounts of water, energy, and chemicals, and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the disposal of clothing contributes to landfills and microplastic pollution in the ocean. The textile industry is the second leading industry in terms of waste produced and impact on the planet - just behind the oil industry.

2. Labor Conditions: Fast fashion companies often prioritize low costs over worker safety and fair wages. This can lead to poor working conditions, low wages, and human rights abuses, particularly in countries where labor laws are weakly enforced. SHEIN and other fast fashion companies exploit indentured Uyghur Muslims for their labour. This is modern day slavery.

3. Ethical Concerns: Fast fashion companies are often accused of promoting a culture of overconsumption, where clothing is treated as disposable and trends change rapidly, encouraging consumers to buy more and discard clothing faster. Additionally, there have been concerns about the use of child labor and exploitation of vulnerable workers in the supply chain.

4. Lack of Transparency: Fast fashion companies often lack transparency in their supply chains, making it difficult to trace the origin of materials and ensure that ethical and sustainable practices are being followed.

What can we do?

1. Stop buying from fast fashion companies. You work hard for your money - spend it in places that align with your values.

2. Buy from sustainable clothing companies like tentree, Kotn, Nettle, Big Bud Press, Franc, etc.

3. Shop at thrift stores like The Kindness Closet. The original company will not receive any funds from a thrift store purchase, and often your purchase will support non-profit activities.

4. Re-wear your clothing! If you have non-sustainably made clothing in your closet, don't throw it out! Wear it as long as possible, and if it's no longer your style, donate to a thrift store to keep it in circulation.