Thrift & Gift Boutique

Wander into the hidden gem that is The Kindness Closet… located at 17 N Market St, tucked in the alley beside City Market, it’s not a big space but you’ll find big deals and so much selection!

The Kindness Closet is a curated, non-profit thrift boutique that carries trendy second hand and vintage clothing, along with vintage home goods and wares made by local New Brunswick and Canadian small businesses.

Many of the items are handpicked by our founder on her many trips to bigger thrift stores, but always with a fair mark up to ensure that fashionable and high-end clothing is accessible to the masses. Some of our favourite items so far include a vintage Christian Dior trench coat, Y2K Coach purses, and modern Karl
Lagerfeld pieces – typically sold at 10-20% of the retail value.

While The Kindness Closet is a non-profit, we have yet to receive external funding, meaning programs are run from shop funds and donations from our amazing community members. We believe we can make meaningful change by engaging people from all areas of our society. When we start to collaborate and recognize that
we have more in common than we do differences, true societal change can occur!

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