Upcycling Program

Accepting applications on May 8th!

Participation is limited to those whose justice system involvement has impacted their ability to procure and/or maintain employment. Program is open to adults of all genders.

Participants will:

  • learn about the global textile industry
  • be empowered to learn new skills and build community
  • be supported through sewing and upcycling lessons

Upon program completion, participants will be given the opportunity volunteer in the shop to learn transferrable employment skills and to make products to sell in the shop for income.

Employment reduces recidivism.

Employment has been shown to be a key factor in reducing recidivism. When individuals are employed, they are more likely to have stable housing, financial stability, and a sense of purpose, which can reduce the likelihood of reoffending. In fact, research has consistently shown that individuals who are employed after release from prison are much less likely to reoffend than those who are not employed.